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Irreparable Global Spread of Pathogens and International Trade – Infection Monitoring

   | 03 mars 2015
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There is no systematic monitoring of global spreading of pathogens through international trade carried out by any organisation regulating world-wide trade in animals and their products. A critical evaluation of the impact of international trade provisions on global pathogen spread is missing as well. Data related to this kind of analysis are no more internationally collected. However, information on animal infection occurrence is of paramount importance for decision-making on animal health import conditions based on pathogen introduction risk assessment considering first of all the epizootiological situation in exporting countries. Actual international animal health information system covers just a small part of known animal infections and provides much less information on their occurrence and epizootiological characteristics than before (except for a few selected emergency infections). It provides the importing countries zero or insufficient data for objective risk assessment to avoid pathogen introduction through international trade. Illegal export/import is not recorded in any information system. The globalisation era trade requires much more efficient information system, including monitoring of global spread of pathogenic microflora through trade, as the basis for more effective international preventive and control anti-epizootic measures. There is an urgent need to re-establish animal health information system within the United Nations Organization as its inseparable component for follow-up execution of animal health technical assistance and global anti-epizootic programmes.

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