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Anaerobic Digestion and Composting as Methods of Bio-Waste Management

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The management of biodegradable waste from various sectors of economy is an essential element in terms of environmental protection. The paper discusses issues related to the possibility of bio-waste treatment using anaerobic digestion technologies and composting processes, highlighting the conditions for the processes and their advantages and disadvantages. The challenges of overproduction of bio-waste faced by highly developed countries around the world are also presented. Research showed that the anaerobic digestion of this waste combines both biofuel production and a circular economy. The popularity of this method is linked, among others to a low cost of raw materials and wide range of possible uses for biogas (i.e. electricity, heat, or biomethane). In addition, an alternative bio-waste management option, compost production, was discussed. The study aimed to compare anaerobic and aerobic bio-waste management processes.