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Prediction of Magnetic Properties of a Plastically Deformed Steel and One Way to Measure its Plastic Deformation

   | 12 juin 2020
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In this paper, we use a phenomenological model based on the Jiles-Atherton-Sablik model of stress affecting the magnetic hysteresis of magnetic materials as modified when stress goes past the yield stress We use this to show that (1) the model produces sharp shearing of hysteresis curves, as seen experimentally and that (2) it also produces a step in the hysteresis loss at small residual plastic strain. We also find that the step in the hysteresis loss can be fitted to a power law, and find that the power law can be fitted by the power m=0.270, different from the mechanical Ludwik Law exponent, and reasonably close to the experimental 0.333 and 0.202. We will also suggest a method of measuring how plastically deformed the material is by suggesting how the dislocation density can be measured.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials