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Effect of Storage Conditions of Rutile Flux Cored Welding Wires on Properties of Welds

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The influence of storage locations of two grades of rutile flux cored welding wires on their surface condition and the strength of the welds made with them were studied. Wires were stored in real urban conditions (Gdańsk and Katowice) for 1 month, simultaneously recording changes in conditions: temperature and relative humidity of the environment. Visual tests of wires in the delivered and stored condition as well as visual and tensile strength tests of welds made with them were carried out. It was found that the surface of the wires underwent more intense degradation (atmospheric corrosion) during storage in Katowice than in Gdańsk. Significant difference in tensile strength was observed only for padding welds made using Gdańsk stored wires. The lowest recorded tensile strength value was not lower than the standard requirements for the wires.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials