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An Influence of Factors of Flow Condition, Particle and Material Properties on Slurry Erosion Resistance

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The degradation of materials due to slurry erosion is the serious problem which occurs in the power industries. The paper presents actual knowledge about an influence of individual factors connected with flow conditions, particles and material properties on the slurry erosion resistance. Among the factors connected with operating conditions, an influence of impact angle, and velocity of impact, particle concertation and liquid temperature have been described. In case of the factors connected with solid particle properties, an influence of the size, shape and hardness have been discussed. In the part devoted to the impact of material properties, due to different types of materials, the issues of resistance to erosion of slurries related to the properties of steel, ceramics and polymers are discussed separately. In the paper has been shown that a change of any of mentioned factors causes a change in the erosion rate due to the synergistic effects that accompany to slurry degradation.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials