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Analysis of The Possibility of Applying of Alloy and Composite Coatings after Plastic Working in Shipbuilding

   | 20 déc. 2014
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Alloy and composite coatings are widely used in engineering, automotive and shipbuilding because of the possibility of improving the operational characteristics of the surface layer (mechanical, tribological, corrosion and decorative). The welding technology of applying alloy and composite coatings is widely used. The technology of infrasound thermal spraying of metal matrix composite coatings was presented. It is a simple technology and a very useful one in ship machinery regeneration during the cruise craft (e.g. internal combustion engines, torque pumps, separators). The metal matrix composite coatings must undergo finishing due to high surface roughness after application. Coatings obtained by thermal spraying have a large surface roughness, it is therefore necessary to make finishing coatings. Due to economic and technological developments it is essential that the coating was thin, abrasion-resistant, high smoothness, and the finishing was of chip that is not cause material loss. In order to ensure quality of technology offered the elements of the of machines used in shipbuilding of cold working by rolling, with small values of strain ratio, ultimately as a finishing alloy and composite coating is planned to use surface plastic forming of machine parts.

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