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Fluctuations in Chemical Composition of M7C3 Carbides in the Soft Annealed Nc11lv/D2 Steel

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The paper presents the study results on chemical composition of the coarse primary M7C3 carbides occurring in the soft annealed NC11LV/D2 tool steel consisting of: 1.53% C; 11.65% Cr; 0.01% W; 0.81% Mo; 0.068% V; (balance iron plus admixtures), used for cold operation. The microanalyzer of type SEMPROBE Su-30, French made by CAMECA Co., equipped with two WDS X-ray spectrometers and an EDS VOYAGER 3 100, NORAN Instruments Co., made in USA. It was found that out of the three alloying elements occurring in the big carbides of the annealed NC11LV/D2 steel, i.e. Cr, Mo, and V, the chromium appears to be the most uniformly distributed. The big carbides vary concerning C, Cr, Mo, V; the greatest differentiation degree of the contents of Mo and Cr, and the least - of vanadium. The average chemical composition of the big/coarse carbides is as follows: C = 9.42±1.28%; Cr = 44.17±2.95%; Mo = 4.48±3.52%; V = 4.53±0.31%; balance Fe.

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