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Properties of Fe-Al Type Intermetallic Layers Produced by AC TIG Method

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The paper presents the results of two new in-situ methods of Fe-Al intermetallic compounds layers fabrication on the steel substrates. The layers were produced by hardfacing of pure aluminum and titanium on the steel (S235JR) substrate as well as in the two-step process: the thermal spraying of pure aluminum on a steel substrate and subsequent remelting of aluminum coating with iron from the substrate using AC TIG method. As a result of the synthesis of Fe, Al and Ti components (for the hardfacing method) the new layer material based on the ordered intermetallic phases was achieved. The effects were confirmed by metallographic examinations, hardness tests and the diffraction patterns of the analyzed remelted layers. In addition, measurements of residual stresses in the layer and substrate were carried out.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials