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De novo transcriptome sequencing and analysis of Anisakis pegreffii (Nematoda: Anisakidae) third-stage and fourth stage larvae

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Anisakis pegreffii is known as one of the causes of a fish-borne zoonosis, anisakidosis. Despite its significant public health and food hygiene impacts, little is known of the pathogenesis, genetic background of this parasite, at least partly due to the lack of genome and transcriptome information. In this study, RNA-seq and de novo assembly were conducted to obtain transcriptome profiles of the A. pegreffii third and fourth larvae. The third stage larvae (APL3) were collected from chub mackerel and the fourth stage larvae (APL4) were obtained by in vitro culture. In total, 47,243 and 43,660 unigenes were expressed in APL3 and APL4 transcriptomes. Of them, 18,753 were known and 28,490 were novel for APL3, while 18,996 were known and 24,664 were novel for APL4. The most abundantly expressed genes in APL3 were mitochondrial enzymes (COI, COII, COIII) and polyubiquitins (UBB, UBIQP_XENLA). Collagen-related genes (col-145, col-34, col-138, Bm1_54705, col-40) were the most abundantly expressed in APL4. Mitochondrial enzyme genes (COIII, COI) were also highly expressed in APL4. Among the transcripts, 614 were up-regulated in APL3, while 1,309 were up-regulated in APL4. Several protease and protein biosynthesis-related genes were highly expressed in APL3, all of which are thought to be crucial for invading host tissues. Collagen synthesis-related genes were highly expressed in APL4, reflecting active biosynthesis of collagens occurs during moulting process of APL4. Of these differentially expressed genes, several genes (SI, nas-13, EF-TSMT, SFXN2, dhs-27) were validated to highly transcribed in APL3, while other genes (col-40, F09E10.7, pept-1, col-34, VIT) in APL4. The biological roles of these genes in vivo will be deciphered when the reference genome sequences are available, together with in vitro experiments.

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