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An effective repair of the posterior interosseous nerve with a vein conduit: a case report

   | 02 sept. 2022
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Traumatic injures of the motoric branch of the radial nerve in the forearm posterior interosseous nerve are very uncommon in hand surgeon practice. This nerve lies deep among the extensors muscles of the forearm and therefore is relatively well protected against injury. The case of a 43-year-old man who sustained deep wound to his proximal forearm, resulted in the posterior interosseous nerve injury is presented. As the trauma caused an approx. 1.5 cm defect of the nerve substance, a standard repair by neurorraphy was not applicable; an alternative technique of repair was then used, namely coaptation of the nerve stumps with a vein conduit. At the 1-year follow-up the patient had regained almost full finger extension, which suggested a recovery of the repaired nerve function.

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