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Parathyroidectomy in a patient treated with emicizumab

   | 23 déc. 2019
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Experience of surgery during prophylaxis with emicizumab is currently limited, but the information available suggests that it is associated with a low risk of complications. This case study describes the surgical management of a patient with haemophilia A and inhibitors, managed with emicizumab prophylaxis, who underwent parathyroidectomy. The plan to manage bleeding risk during surgery involved prophylaxis with oral tranexamic acid 1g six-hourly and recombinant Factor VIIa (rFVIIa), prescribed at the discretion of the consultant haematologist. Preoperatively, rFVIIa 45 mcg/kg (3 mg) was administered immediately, and repeated every three to four hours after surgery depending on clinical presentation. There was no unexpected or excessive bleeding during surgery and no clinical need for additional haemostatic medication. Postoperatively, rFVIIa 3 mg was administered at three and ten hours after the first dose. Two further doses were administered on the morning and evening of the first postoperative day. There was no unexpected or excessive bleeding requiring additional treatment, and satisfactory haemostasis resulted in optimal wound healing. The patient reported no bleeding episodes and also an improved quality of life. This case study demonstrates the successful use of emicizumab in conjunction with rFVIIa.

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