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Growth and development are processes characterizing in the early years of a person. There are some differences in the evolution of these two processes dependent on the sex of the person and the family of origin. Material and Methods: The study was conducted on a sample of 81 students of 5th class coming from two villages in Botosani County. It was assessed physical development (using national reference values) and motor skills (number of elements) from scoring scales. The study was conducted on two different communities and sex. Processing of the results was performed using Pearson Test. Results and Discussion: height dominant values are average (49.38%), calculated on communities and sex differences were not statistically significant. Weight most frequently average (49.38%), not statistically significant differences calculated. Diagnosis of physical development highlights the existence of harmony in 54.32% cases. The maximum vote on pushups appears only in 17.28% cases. Differences calculated on sex are statistically significant at p <0.01 (fl = 3, χ2 = 8.001) and indicate that there are quicker progress of female students in which puberty occurs earlier and is accompanied by better motor skills. Conclusions: In interpreting the results of students in sports trials should consider a number of factors and not just one.

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