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Effects of physical activity on the quality of life among adult women

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Aim: the purpose of our study was to analyze the effect of a physical activity program on the quality of life of adult women. Methods: The study involved 95 adult women from Oradea, practitioners of physical exercises in a fitness center. Period of the study: February 2015 - June 2016. Anthropometric measurements were made (height, weight) and it was calculated the body mass index (BMI). The SF-36 short form questionnaire was used to assess the quality of life. The physical activity program consisted of Step - aerobics, Pilates and strength training in the gym, 3 times a week for 60-90 minutes, for 12 months.

Results: BMI revealed that of the 95 women enrolled in the initial evaluation 71% were normal weight, 16% were overweight, 8% underweight, 4% obese class I and 1% obese class II. At the final assessment 74% were normal weight, 13% were overweight, 9% underweight, 4% obese class I and no one had class II obesity. The analysis of the answers to the questionnaire revealed the following: the initial average quality of life score was 85.01 and the final score was 89.40; the initial average score of the physical health component was 87.54 and the final score was 92.10; the initial average score of the mental health component was 82.48 and the final score was 86.69.

Conclusion: Applying the physical activity program for 12 months led to an improvement in the quality of life, so we can conclude that practicing physical exercise on a regular basis has the effect of increasing the quality of life.

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