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Medical recovery practices have welcomed more and more patients complaining about moderate or intense low back pain.

Aim: This paper aims to demonstrate the efficiency of successive magnetic induction therapy on low back pain syndrome. We assume that the use of successive magnetic induction in the treatment of patients with low back pain will reduce significantly the pain manifestations at this level.

Methods: The study was conducted on 30 patients who displayed important low back pain and decreased lumbar spine mobility. The therapy applied – super inductive system – reduced significantly the pain threshold of these patients and improved the lumbar spine mobility, implicitly.

Results: In order to highlight the results, we interpreted graphically the values of the initial and final testing using the Microsoft Office Excel. There is no doubt that the mobility of the lumbar spine of patients improved considerably, some patients reported that their pain disappeared altogether, while others reported only a mild discomfort.

Conclusion: This study stands to highlight the efficiency of the Super Inductive System, a fact confirmed by the comparison between initial and final results.

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