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The Obligation to Terminate A Medical Experiment – Analysis of Legal Regulations

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The purpose of the present discussion is to present, reflect upon, and evaluate the effective legal regulations concerning the obligation to terminate a medical experiment. The considerations made herein aim at providing an answer to the question whether the aforesaid legal regulations are clear and sufficient. The said analysis is based on the following source: The Act of 5 December 1996 concerning the Professions of General Practitioner and Dental Practitioner. The regulations concerning the obligation to discontinue a medical experiment, both by the will of the participant and on the physician’s initiative, are of great importance owing to the fact that they guarantee protection of the patients taking part in the experimental study. The provisions implicitly oblige the physician to monitor the patients’ state of health and conduct constant assessment whether or not further carrying on the experiment is expedient and admissible. The legal regulations effective in Poland are explicit and sufficient. Their wording does not raise any considerable reservations. As it appears, the legislature managed to work out appropriate rules so as to minimize the danger zone for the participants of clinical tests and at the same time implement a guarantee that participants’ rights shall be respected.

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