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Impact of torrefaction technique on the moisture contents, bulk density and calorific value of briquetted biomass

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The concept of different compositional biomass is introduced to enhance the binding properties and utilize the use of different seasonal biomasses. The effect of densification on the heating values of single pure and mixed compositional biomasses is observed with and without applying special type of pretreatment named as ‘Torrefaction’. The moisture contents and bulk densities were also calculated for these briquettes. The effects of average moisture contents and bulk density (which show the swelling nature) on the heating values are also observed. The experiments have been performed on the pelletizer equipment to form briquetted biomass and bomb calorimeter was used to determine the calorific values of different briquettes. Finally, the percentage decrease in the average moisture contents of different categories of torrefied briquettes from non-torrefied briquettes were also calculated and compared.

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Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering