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Weight parameters of body parts in sika deer (Cervus nippon nippon) from the Konstantinolázeňsko microregion, the Czech Republic

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Sika deer is widely spread species, in Czech Republic mostly occurred in West Bohemia. This species is defined as one of the most harmful ungulate game in the forests. For the wildlife population of sika deer in the microregion Konstantinolázeňsko in West Bohemia, total weight after the hunt, weight after expelling organs, weight of the head and distal parts of the limbs, and weight of the internal organs (heart, lung, liver, spleen, kidney) were determined. Correlations between the weights of specific body parts (organs) were evaluated. Ratio between the weight after expelling organs (after gralloch) and the weight after hunt (total weight) was determined. The weight after expelling organs was 74% of the total weight. Moreover, a positive correlation was found between the age and weight of individuals, and between the male age and the weight of the head. Without taking into account age differences, we show that males have a higher body weight than females, a form of sexual dimorphism.

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