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Silviculture, production potential and ecological effects of Grand fir (Abies grandis/Douglas ex D. Don/Lindl.) in the Czech Republic – review

   | 29 févr. 2016
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The grand fir (Abies grandis /Douglas ex D. Don/Lindl.) is a promising species with a high potential to fulfil many forest functions, mainly production, site improvement and landscaping functions. The aim of the presented study is to summarise the research results concerning the silviculture of this species, production capacity and environmental effects in the conditions of the Czech Republic. Despite its relatively small reduced area, which was 1,208.59 ha in 2013 (, Grand fir shows quite high potential of producing timber convenient for specific purposes, and has a favourable effect on forest soils. At specific favourable sites it is superior also to Douglas-fir. It has a considerable potential for ornamental purposes and as a Christmas tree. Basic knowledge for its successful cultivation is available.

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