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Secured Document Sharing Using Visual Cryptography in Cloud Data Storage

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Security has emerged as the most concerned aspect of cloud computing environment and a prime challenge for the cloud users. The stored data can be retrieved by the user whenever and wherever required. But there is no guarantee that the data stored in the cloud server has not been accessed by any unauthorized user. The current cloud framework does not allow encrypted data to be stored due to the space and storage cost. Storing secret data in an unencrypted form is vulnerable to external attacks by both illegitimate customers and a Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Traditional encryption techniques require more computation and storage space. Hence, protecting cloud data with minimal computations is the prime task. Secured Document Sharing Using Visual Cryptography (SDSUVC) technique proposes an efficient storage scheme in a cloud for storing and retrieving a document file without any mathematical computations and also ensures data confidentiality and integrity.

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