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Effect of Concrete Addition of Selected Micro-fibers on the Reinforcing Bars Corrosion in the Reinforced Concrete Specimens

   | 18 oct. 2016
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The micro-fibers increase the consistency and uniformity of concrete, which can improve the protective properties of concrete cover and thus should reduce the corrosion of the reinforcement bars in the reinforced concrete elements. The article presents a study which main objective was to specify the effect on concrete mix the addition of steel or polypropylene micro-reinforcement fibers on the reinforcing bars corrosion process. The research included measuring the reinforcement corrosion progress caused by the chloride impact as well as cyclical freezing and thawing specimens test. To measure the electrochemical corrosion progress the non-destructive i.e. galvanostatic pulse method was used. The results were used to conduct a comparative analysis.

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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials