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Characterization of Coatings Created on Selected Titanium Alloys by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation

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The SEM and EDS results of coatings obtained on pure niobium and titanium alloys (NiTi and Ti6Al4V) by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation in the electrolytes containing of 300 g and 600 g copper nitrate in 1 litre of concentrated phosphoric acid at 450 V for 3 minutes, are presented. The obtained coatings are porous and consist mainly of phosphorus within titanium and copper. For each coating, the Cu/P ratios were calculated. The maximum of that coefficient was found for niobium and Ti6Al4V alloy oxidised in the electrolyte containing 600 g of Cu(NO3)2 in 1 dm3 of H3PO4 and equaling to 0.22 (wt%) | 0.11 (at%). The minimum of Cu/P ratio was recorded for NiTi and Ti6Al4V alloys oxidised by PEO in electrolyte consisting of 300 g of copper nitrate in 1 dm3 of concentrated phosphoric acid and equals to 0.12 (wt%) | 0.06 (at%). The middle value of that ratio was recorded for NiTi and it equals to 0.16 (wt%) | 0.08 (at%).

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