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Teleoperation robotic systems control, which enables humans to perform activities in remote situations, has become an extremely challenging field in recent decades. In this paper, a Model Free Proportional-Derivative Sliding Mode Controller (MFPDSMC) is devoted to the synchronization problem of teleoperation systems subject to actuator dynamics, time-varying delay, model uncertainty, and input interaction forces. For the first time, the teleoperation model used in this study combines actuator dynamics and manipulator models into a single equation, which improves model accuracy and brings it closer to the actual system than in prior studies. Further, the proposed control approach, called Free, involves the simple measurement of inputs and outputs to enhance the system’s performance without relying on any knowledge from the mathematical model. In addition, our strategy includes a Sliding Mode term with the MFPD term to increase system stability and attain excellent performance against external disturbances. Finally, using the Lyapunov function under specified conditions, asymptotic stability is established, and simulation results are compared and provided to demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed strategy.