Políticas editoriales y éticas

Publishing Ethics – Post Publication Corrections

Sciendo is committed to maintaining literary coherence by publishing Errata and Retraction Notes relative to the situation and in accordance with the COPE Retraction Guidelines: https://publicationethics.org/retraction-guidelines

Post Publication Corrections are published in agreement with the Editorial Board of a Journal or Conference Proceeding, a Post Publication Correction concerns.


An erratum is required when a significant change to an article’s textual content or metadata is required following this article’s publication online.

By significant change Sciendo understands any corrections that alter the meaning of a paper, such as adjustments to figures or tables. The misspelling of an author’s name or an article’s title is also considered to be a significant change.

Erratum is not required in the case of typographical or a grammar inaccuracy, or errors committed in the listing of references.

Erratum statement must include details of the original paper it corresponds to (full citation data), DOI number of original article, its own unique DOI number, as well as a description of the changes made.

Ahead of Print articles are considered as pre-press papers and therefore do not require corrections via erratum.

Retraction Note

A retraction note is required when an article is withdrawn for any reason post-publication, or when an article contains errors, unsubstantiated data, or irreproducible data.

A retraction note must include details of the original retracted paper (full citation data), the DOI number of the original article, its own unique DOI number, as well as a description informing of the reasons for retracting the paper.

A watermark to the PDF file of the original retracted paper must be also added, an updated PDF will replace the original file on the article page.