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Recent Opportunities for Increasing Georgian Wine Export - Incentives or Obstacles to Improving Wine Quality


Along with the internationally recognized image of Georgian wine and the increase of wine exports, special attention is paid to maintaining and improving the quality of Georgian wine. Taking into account the requirements of the local and international wine markets and, consequently, promoting the development of a competitive market remains a challenge for Georgian law. The creation of favorable conditions for the export of wine at the local and international level implies, first of all, the existence of legal regulations. The aim of the Law of Georgia on Vine and Wine and its accompanying subordinate normative acts is to develop a competitive wine market in Georgia and to protect the interests of consumers, to maintain and grow the international reputation of the Georgian viticulture and winemaking sector. The law was substantially amended in 2017 and the aim of the reform was to adapt to the challenges in the wine sector and bring it closer to international standards. At the same time, the export of Georgian wine to different countries is regulated by a different legal framework. Therefore, it is in our interest to analyze these different legal regulations, which have a direct impact on the opportunities for wine exports from Georgia - the incentive or obstacle to improving the quality of Georgian wine. EU regulations apply to both wines produced in the EU and imported to the EU market, as well as to Georgia, as a third country that has signed the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA) with the EU. Russia, Ukraine and the USA are important export markets for Georgia. Georgia has different international legal relations with each of them and, accordingly, the legal requirements for wine exports to these countries are different. The paper examines the current state of the modern Georgian wine market in the context of domestic and international norms regulating wine exports. It is analyzed whether local legislation and international agreements regulating wine exports contribute to the growth of Georgian wine exports and the improvement of wine quality.

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