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Temperature measurement using a Chx/porous silicon/Si structure encapsulated in a CO2 rich environment


This work reports on the possible use of microporous silicon as a temperature sensor. This work is based on previous published works [7, 8, and 9]. The device is based on hydrocarbon group (CHx) / porous silicon (PS) /Si structure. The porous sample was coated with hydrocarbons groups deposited by the plasma of methane /argon mixture. Current-voltage characteristics have been investigated as a function of temperature in the range 20°C-70°C. The results show that for a constant voltage in the range 0.7-1V, the current increases linearly with the environment temperature reaches a maximum at 70°C and then stabilizes. This result suggests that the developed structure can be used for sensing temperatures not exceeding 70°C.

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4 veces al año
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Materials Sciences, Functional and Smart Materials