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Determination of Load Angle for Salient-pole Synchronous Machine


This paper presents two methods for load angle determination for salient-pole synchronous generator. The first method uses optical encoder to detect the rotor position. In some cases the end of the rotor shaft is not free to be used and mounting of an encoder is impossible. Therefore, the second method proposes estimation of the load angle based on the measured electrical values that have been already used in excitation control system of the synchronous generator. Estimation method uses corresponding voltage-current vector diagram and parameters of the synchronous generator, transformer and transmission lines. Both methods were experimentally verified on the digital control system and synchronous generator connected to power system. The estimation and measured results were compared. The accuracy of load angle estimation method depends on voltage and current measurement accuracy as well as generator, transformer and transmission line parameter accuracy. The estimation method gives satisfactory accuracy for load angles less than 120° el. Thus, it can be applied in excitation control system to provide stable work of synchronous generator in under-excitation operating area.

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Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering, Metrology and Testing