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Adsorption of humic acid on mesoporous carbons prepared from poly- (ethylene terephthalate) templated with magnesium compounds


Porous carbons obtained from poly(ethylene terephtalate) contained in a mixture with either MgCO3 or Mg(OH)2 were examined as adsorbents for removal of humic acid from water. Adsorption of the model contaminants is discussed in relation to the textural parameters of the obtained carbon materials. Pore structure parameters of the carbonaceous materials were strongly influenced by preparation conditions including temperature and relative amounts of the inorganics used during preparations as template. Porous carbons prepared revealed a potential to purify water from the model contaminant of high molecular weight. The results presented confirmed a key role of mesoporosity in the adsorption of humic acid. Fluorescence spectroscopy was confirmed to be an useful method to evaluate concentration of humic acid in water.

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Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering