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Synthesis, characterization and analytical applications of chelating resin containing orcinol


A chelating resin based on Salicylic acid-Formaldehyde copolymer, containing Orcinol (SFO), has been synthesized and characterized on the basis of Elemental Analysis, Particle Size Distribution, FT-IR Analysis, XRD, SEM and Optical Photographs. The Physico-Chemical properties have been studied. This resin is highly stable in acidic and alkaline solutions and has been studied as a chelating sorbent for heavy metal ions and transition metal ions. The Exchange capacity order is Ni(II) > Cu(II) > Zn(II) > Cd(II) > Pb(II). The effect of nature and concentration of different electrolytes on distribution coefficient (Kd) for metal ions have been investigated. Separation of synthetic mixtures containing Cu(II)-Pb(II), Ni(II)-Cd(II) and Brass constituents has been carried out using a column prepared from the synthesized chelating resin. The developed procedure was also tested for the removal of Cd(II) and Pb(II) from natural water of Purna River near by Navsari, Gujarat, India.

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Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering