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Photocatalytic degradation of malachite green dye using doped and undoped ZnS nanoparticles


In the present study, ZnS nanoparticles were prepared using the mechanochemical method. The ZnS nanoparticles prepared were doped with different concentrations of manganese using metal acetate and manganese acetate by mechanochemical method. The as-prepared particles were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The photocatalytic activity of the prepared nanoparticles samples, in the photocatalytic degradation of malachite green, had been investigated. The nanoparticles were photo induced, generating hole transfer for photocatalytic activity. The photodegradation of malachite green was observed at different pH (2-5) values, dye concentrations (10-100mg/L) and amount of ZnS nanoparticles (1-2.5 g/L). About 95% degradation of dye was observed on the addition of 2 g/L ZnS in 50 mg/L dye solution after 90 minutes illumination at 125 W. Degradation has been increased up to 99% using UV/nanoparticles/H2O2 (50 mL/L) combined process. The degradation efficiency was also compared using Mn doped ZnS nanoparticles (Zn1-x MnxS, where x = 0.01, 0.22 and 0.3). Maximum of 97% degradation was observed with 0.01% concentration of Mn. Kinetics study and performance of UV/ZnS, UV/ZnS/H2O2, UV/doped ZnS processes were evaluated to compare the efficiency of different processes.

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