The paper provides an overview of the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics tools for predicting transport processes in two-phase flow in a SMX static mixer. The overview is achieved by taking a brief look at factors: mesh generation, development of sub-models, post-processing including validation and quantitative verification of CFD results with experimental data. Two types of numerical approach were used in the simulations: the Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes in the steady-state mode with the standard k-??turbulence model and Large Eddy Simulations in the unsteady mode. Both CFD techniques were applied to calculate flow velocities, pressure drop and homogenisation level in a SMX static mixer of the liquid-liquid mixture. The steady state drop size distribution was obtained by implementation procedure containing the population balance equation, where transport equations for the moments of the drop size distribution are solved and the closure problem is overcome by using the Quadrature Method of Moments.

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