In tennis, knowledge of the characteristics of different playing styles is essential to achieve the desired results and to improve specialized technical-tactical procedures according to the playing surface on which the match is played, together with the individual and opponents’ peculiarities.


Adopting a style of play that is suited to the individual characteristics of the player, the opponent and the characteristics of the playing surface can improve the chances of winning for the player who is mostly on the defensive. This comparative study aims to highlight the differences between the two players in a tournament on a slow surface, using the chosen methods and means.


The main research method was the method of analysing the 6 matches using different statistical indices. In doing so, the average results of all 6 matches played by the two players up to the final were compared with the results of the statistical indices of the final match. For this study we have selected the main indices for the topic.


The results of the study showed that a defensive player spends more time on the court during a tournament. With the help of data analysis and recordings, it can be observed that the offensive or defensive player stands out according to the studied parameters. Some parameters are specific to a style of play. Also, a defensive player with good speed and agility can adapt more easily on a slow surface (clay).


The playing surface can negatively affect the results obtained in major tournaments if the emphasis in training is not placed on developing a game adapted to individual characteristics. Also, the player who can adapt during the match has a better chance of winning a Grand Slam tournament.

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