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Self-esteem and perception of stress in adults who practice and do not practice sports


Introduction: In adulthood, the stages of personality formation and definition continue. This represents the age of full assertion and achievement of individuality, both professionally and in terms of self-devaluation. Also, during this period, physical effort becomes an important factor in maintaining and balancing all body functions.

The aim of the paper consists of a comparative analysis of the personality of adults who practice sports activities and of those who do not practice sports activities.

Methods: in order to achieve the proposed objectives, two questionnaires were used to identify the level of stress and self-esteem in people involved in research, who practice sports and who do not practice sports.

Results: We found that people who practice sports activities have a high self-esteem, compared to those who do not practice sports activities. Also, concerning the same subjects, the level of stress is higher in people who do not practice a sport, compared to those who practice a sport.

Conclusions: We consider that this study is useful for all people who want to practice sports, to realize the physical and mental benefits.

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