Introduction: The COVID-19 Pandemic started in December 2019 in China and it affected millions of people, forcing them to radically change their lifestyle.

Aim: Thus, the idea of starting a study that evaluates the effects of the online media transfer on the life routine of PESF-WUT students was outlined, becoming the purpose of the present paper.

Material and methods: This study consisted of analyzing a developed questionnaire applied on a study group of 334 students from PESF–WUT, which evaluated 3 aspects of our students’ life: the educational aspect, physical activity and leisure time.

Results: The results revealed that COVID-19 Pandemic was a major life changing factor for our students, affecting all aspects of their daily routines. The evaluation of behavior regarding physical activity revealed that this component of our students’ life is of great importance in both the educational and leisure aspects of life.

Conclusion: The study revealed that face to face, interpersonal contact has a great impact for both educational performance and the psychological and social aspect, by keeping the level of motivation at high standards. Last but not least, physical activity performed even in unusual conditions, such as Pandemic lockdowns has a great influence on stress management.

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