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Efficient Positioning of Two Long-Range Passenger Aircraft in Formation Flight


In today’s world, each airline is forced to look for new savings opportunities. One of the methods may be the use of formation flights in daily flight operations, which may allow a reduction in fuel consumption by several percentages. The paper presents the genesis of how the consideration of such flights and the possibility of their implementation in an airline had started. The leader’s plane generates vortices, which, with the proper alignment of the planes to one another, can reduce the drag on the wingman. However, the wrong position may not only have no positive effect but also may be a threat to stable wingman flight. The article presents a method of using these vortices in such a way as to have a positive impact on the aerodynamics of the wingman. A favourableposition in the vertical and horizontal axes will be determined in relation to the vortex generated by the leader’s plane in order to obtain the greatest benefit in reducing fuel consumption. The paper presents an operational analysis of the possibility of maintaining such a distance to obtain profit on fuel but also to ensure the highest level of safety of the flight.

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