The paper generally discusses Whirl Tower research stands. Whirl Tower stands are used to test, among others, rotorcrafts main rotors in hovering. The work presents an overview of similar solutions of test stand presented in the available literature and online data. Beyond these solutions the paper also contains test stands used so far at the Institute of Aviation, these solutions were prepared for testing one type of rotor (for example: only for gyroplane rotors).

The article provides information about new (Whirl Tower) test stand fully designed and manufactured in Łukasiewicz Research Network ‒ Institute of Aviation (Ł-ILOT). One of the basic assumptions is that it will be a universal test stand, giving the possibility to test different types of rotors.

Moreover, the article discusses the types of tests and research that can be carried out on this type of test stand, tests that are performed to ensure the safety of the rotor design.

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