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The Great Depression in the Eyes of the Silesian Christian Democrats


Goal – The great depression forced changes in the economic program of the Christian Democracy (Silesian Christian Democrats). Indicating the exceptional role of the Upper Silesian heavy industry in the economic potential of the Second Polish Republic, the program emerged from the criticism of the Sanation (Sanacja in Polish) program of surviving the crisis.

Research method – The study analyzes archival sources and literature on the subject, as well as statistical data.

Results – In the years of the great depression, official state authorities, as well as individual political groups formulated their own programs for overcoming the economic difficulties that were faced. Christian Democracy was one of these groups, but its program to combat the crisis was limited only to ad hoc measures aimed at mitigating the negative effects of the crisis. The activists of the Silesian Christian Democrats did not properly interpret the sources of economic difficulties, as they did not understand the core of the problem.

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