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Market Basket Analysis as a Support Tool for The Management of Public Transport

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Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric
Mechanisms and Methods of Decision Making / Ed. by Ewa Roszkowska


The aim of this paper is to characterize a non-standard use of the method of market basket analysis in one of the areas of economy, i.e. public transport. Generally, one of the aims of the market basket analysis method is associating the consumer's market basket – in the case of public transport this being the choice of bus stops in the city area made by passengers. Owing to a new, practical use of this method, it was possible to build an efficient model characterizing the movement of flows of public transport passengers, and assess the degree of transferring (changing lines), thus making it possible to adapt the routes of buses to the needs of people using this particular means of transport, as well as to plot new communication lines.

The data analysis was performed using the Statistica statistical package and its SAL application, i.e. the algorithms used in Data Mining.

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