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Standardization of quality of diagnoses, interventions, and outcomes (Q-DIO) measurement instrument for use in Slovenia



To describe the cross-cultural adaptation of the Quality of Diagnoses, Interventions and Outcomes (Q-DIO) Instrument into the Slovene language.


Based on general international guidelines, a six-step process of localization to translate and adjust the instrument from English into the Slovene language was used. Content validity was quantified based on an agreement of eight experts. The instrument was tested using a sample of 140 nursing documentations from two Slovenian tertiary hospitals.


26 of 29 items showed an excellent content validity index ranging from 0.857 to 1.000, and a modified kappa index above 0.856. The content validity indexes of the three remaining items adjusted based on experts’ comments were subsequently estimated at 1.000. Construct validity was significantly different between the two groups of documentations. The Cronbach coefficient for the whole questionnaire was 0.860. Cronbach’s alpha if item deleted reamins above 0.80 for all items. The criteria for the difficulty grades of items and discrimination validity were acceptably met for more than 75% of items.


Based on the results of the study, it may be concluded that Q-DIO is a reliable instrument for measuring the quality of nursing documentation. The deviations in the results of some items are due to poor nursing documentation quality, and indicate that nursing classifications have not yet been fully implemented into practice in the study setting. Additional testing of the instrument is recommended.

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