Working with bereaved parents is an immense challenge for professionals in the field of perinatal care and requires a high level of knowledge and skill. This article aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the Perinatal Loss Care blended educational programme.


An evaluative assessment was carried out using a scored questionnaire to gather pre- and post-programme data. Participants were medical and healthcare professionals (n=200) who participated in the programme voluntarily (the Medical Professional/Motivated group and the Others group) or were selected by their employer and for whom attendance was mandatory (the Medical Professional/Non/Motivated group).


Participants’ perception of their own knowledge and understanding of perinatal bereavement care was significantly higher on completion of the educational programme, proving its effectivity. There was a statistically significant effect on overall score in individual groups of respondents, as well as the whole set (p<0.001), with post-intervention scores higher than pre-intervention scores. No statistically significant differences in overall score were detected before participation in the educational programme in individual groups (p=0.204). Participants from the Medical Professional/Non/Motivated group achieved lower post-intervention scores to a significantly greater extent (p<0.05) and more often perceived the educational programme as being “very difficult” (χ2=20.66, df=6, P<0.01) compared to other groups.


The educational programme was assessed as effective. Care of bereaved parents has its specifics and healthcare professionals should possess a basic knowledge of how to provide sensitive care during this time.

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