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Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Short-Term Behavior of Partially Precast and Partially Encased Composite Beams


In this paper, the short-term behavior of a new partially pre-cast and partially encased composite (PPEC) beam is studied. This paper reports the results of a 4-point bending test on a full-scale PPEC beam and sets out the load displacement response, short-term stiffness, peak load capacity and failure mode of the proposed PPEC beam. In addition, a finite element analysis of the PPEC beam is carried out, and the numerical simulation results are compared with the test results. The results show that the finite element model can reflect the bending response of the PPEC beam. In this paper, three different calculation methods are used to compare the deflection of the PPEC beam. The results show that the values calculated by the bending-shear coupling method formula agree relatively well with the test results.

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