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Seismic Response of Reactive Powder Concrete Columns Confined with FRP


In this research, which is based on the finite element method, the behavior of reactive powder concrete (RPC) columns confined with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) under seismic excitation is investigated. The governing theory in the numerical simulation is based on the fiber finite element method. The adequacy of the fiber model in predicting the response of FRP-confined RPC columns is validated through comparisons with the available experimental results. To study the seismic behavior of FRP-confined RPC columns, the fiber model presented was subjected to different earthquakes. In this regard, four ground acceleration time histories with different peak accelerations were applied to investigate the response of FRP-confined RPC columns. The results show that reactive powder concrete columns confined with FRP exhibit an acceptable seismic performance. The investigation also confirms that RPC-confined columns show a high degree of ductility. Additionally, the load capacity (maximum lateral load) is increased, and the concrete’s compressive strength is increased.

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