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Quantification of Changes in the Shape and Dimensions of Parcels in Land Consolidation


The paper describes the shapes and dimensions of parcels fordifferent types of land management. Firstly, various types ofland management are defined with a theoretical expression of side ratios, which should be used as a basis for drafting new parcels.In later parts of the paper, we discuss a compactness index,which is used to define the compactness of parcels and methods of calculating a compactness index by several authors. Based on the theoretical values of side ratios, we determined compactness index ranges for different types of land management. Our theoretical findings have been verified at the area of interest, i.e., part of the municipality of Stupava. Based on a comparison of the compactness index for parcels of respective owners before and after consolidation, we can evaluate any improvement of the compactness of parcels for their respective owners and, through improving the parcels’ compactness, we can improve land cultivation. Based on these calculations, we can also determine the percentage of parcels in the municipality based on side ratios before and after the consolidation process.

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