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Traffic Engineering Analysis in the Preparation and Reconstruction of Urban Roads


The contribution deals with issues of road administration in municipalities in terms of the requirements for engineering renovations of urban communications networks. The goal is to declare an end to the degradation of the quality and service of local roads in cities. The reason is the lack of funding. The engineering analysis should demonstrate the need to make an informed request for reconstruction of local roads in our towns and cities. The aim of this paper is to describe the processes that are related to specific engineering work but are closely linked to the performance of the preparation on both sides, i.e., the administration versus the design. Why do we passively observe the gradual destruction of the quality of our local roads in the cities? Before our eyes the road constructions of roadways crumble, on the other hand, the level of their transport service on them only presents us with traffic jams. How can you know the status of the background of our streets and their pavements in an urbanized area? A couple of technical studies oriented towards the advance of public transport, especially for Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia which were based on traffic modelling together with engineering designs were published (Borš, 2017; Pomichal, 2017; Koštial, 2017; Schlosser and Schlosser, 2016; Schlosser and Orthová, 2016; Schlosser, 2016; Schlosser, 2017; Schlosser, 2017). Some answers to the complexities of this issue are set out in this article.

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