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Drivers of Digital Transformation and their Impact on Organizational Management


Digital transformation has become a critical topic for organizations that want to stay competitive in today’s digital age. The widespread use of digital technologies has brought significant changes to the way organizations exist, operate and interact with customers. They are going through a process of reshaping and reorganizing processes and operations, as well as rethinking and redefining the human role in the value creation process. However, digital technologies and their diffusion are not the only driver of digital transformation, as the success of such change initiatives depends on many other factors, the definition of which is crucial to the success of digital transformation. The objective of this paper is to explore the drivers of digital transformation and their impact on management. The work presents a comprehensive review of the literature on digital transformation, identifying the main drivers that influence the success of digital transformation initiatives. It also defines the impact of these drivers on the management of organizations, identifying how the role of the executive is being redefined in today’s digital age.