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Estimation of Magnetic Contact Location and Depth of Magnetic Sources in a Sedimentary Formation


The aeromagnetic data of Idogo, Southwestern Nigeria, have been used to study the lithology and to determine the magnetic source parameters within Idogo and its environs. Idogo lies between latitudes 6°30′N and 7°00′N and between longitudes 2°30′E and 3°00′E. The magnetic anomaly map, the regional geology, the analytic signal and the local wavenumber were used to identify the nature and depth of the magnetic sources in the region. Data enhancement was carried out to delineate the residual features relative to the strong regional gradients and intense anomalies due to the basin features. The estimated basement depth using the horizontal gradient method revealed depths ranging between 0.55 km and 2.49 km, while the analytic signal amplitude and local wavenumber methods estimated depth to the magnetic sources to range from 0.57 km to 4.22 km and 0.96 km to 2.43 km, respectively. Depth computations suggested the presence of both shallow and deep sources. The total magnetic intensity values ranged from 3.1 nT to 108.3 nT. The area shows magnetic closures of various sizes in different parts of the area trending West, with prominence at the centre and distributed East–West.