This paper summarises a series of large-scale fire suppression tests conducted to simulate a fire in the big surface and/or surface sprinkling. The subject of this paper is the research on water spraying with the use of the Turbo Jet 2011 water-foam nozzle manufactured by Supon Białystok. The results discuss the pressure losses caused by the flow through the discharge hose, spray angle, and the intensity of surface sprinkling. The greatest stream ranges and the highest maximum values of the sprinkling intensity were obtained at the capacity of 400 l/min, and a solid spray angle. The smallest values were obtained at 200 l/min, a pressure of 5 bar, and a solid spray angle. The actual pressures taking into account the losses in the hose section were calculated. As for the highest firefighting effectiveness of the stream, the authors recommended the following parameters: semi spray angle, 200 l/min, and 2.5 bar.

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