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Study on particle movement characteristics in sandblast cylinder based on PIV technology


PIV technology was used to investigate the influence of the particles’ relevant parameters on the instantaneous movement characteristics in the sandblast cylinder under the circumstance of different particle sizes, different section heights and different stacking conditions. As the diameter increased, particles had a greater velocity and energy when approaching the wall, which would cause a serious abrasion. The influence of test selection factors on the particles’ radial velocity of particles was greater than that on axial velocity. The radial velocity and axial velocity on the surface of the cylindrical section were all reduced to a lower level when the particles approach the tank wall. When r > 0.3 R, the particle velocity maintained at a higher level, but then decreased slowly when r > 0.7 R. Therefore, the abrasion of the conical section of the sandblast cylinder when r > 0.3 R should be paid more attention to.

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Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering