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UV polymerization and property analysis of maleacylated methyl cellulose acrylic acid absorbent resin


In this paper, maleic anhydride (MA) was grafted onto methyl cellulose (MC) and then reacted with acrylic acid to synthesize a high gel strength and fast water absorption resin (AA-co-MC-g-MA) by UV polymerization. The reaction conditions of maleylated methylcellulose (MC-g-MA) were investigated, including the ratio of MC to MA, reaction time and catalyst amount. In addition, the reaction conditions for the synthesis of super absorbent resin were as follows: the amount of MC-g-MA, the degree of substitution of MC-g-MA, polymerization time, and the amount of initiator. Under optimal conditions, the maximum water absorption volume of synthetic resin was 2116 g/g, and the maximum salt absorption rate was 139 g/g. The water absorption resin prepared this time had high water absorption, water retention, excellent pH sensitivity, etc. It was hoped that it will have a good application prospect in the field of industrial production and agriculture in the future.

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Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering