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Impact of natural antioxidant systems on the oxidation resistance and mechanical properties of polypropylene


This paper describes the separation of oxidation resistant components from the seeds of pomegranate (PSA), grape (GSE) and sea buckthorn (SSE). The anti-oxidation properties of the resultant extracts, used as the natural anti-oxidants for polypropylene (PP), were compared with Irganox1010. The effects of these natural antioxidants on the antioxidant levels of PP samples were estimated by thermal oxidative aging and micromixed rheology, OIT, XRD, SEM, TEM and mechanical properties tests of samples before and after aging. The results show that adding PSA, GSE and SSE can obviously increase the mechanical properties of PP. In addition, the molding stability of polypropylene raw material is prolonged and improved. Moreover, the mechanical properties of the PP samples after 240 h of thermal oxidative aging indicates that, the best results, closest to the anti-oxidation ability of Irganox1010, can be obtained when the additive amount is 0.5% (wt%) for PSE or 0.7% (wt%) for GSE.

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Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering