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Numerical analysis of stress distribution generated in spherical polyethylene inserts by knee joint endoprotheses’ sleds


The paper presents analysis of stress distribution in the friction node of knee joint endoprosthesis where sleds are made of various titanium alloys and CoCrMo cooperate with spherical polyethylene inserts. Currently used titanium alloys consists of Nb, Ta, Zr or Mo and with lesser value of Young’s modulus than Ti6Al4V alloy, or steel CoCrMo, which significantly varies from other metal materials. The obtained results make it possible to indicate the “weak points” of the accepted solution, and thus counteract the subsequent effects resulting from premature wear of endoprosthesis elements. The analysis was conducted with numerical method of ADINA System 8.6. The Finite Elements Method allowed to compute and present stress distribution quickly in all elements of the model.

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Industrial Chemistry, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering